Luxury Vinyl Tile: Why Our Specialists Love This Product

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Welcome to the Country Carpet blog! For over 40 years, we have explored the world to bring you the most sought-after designs and exclusive products. We are now taking our experience one step further. Our monthly blogs will keep you in the know on the hottest design trends in today’s home décor market.

This month, we are kicking off with: “Luxury Vinyl Tile: Why Our Specialists Love This Product.” Read on to learn why luxury vinyl is one of today’s hottest flooring options, and enjoy a sneak peek into how designers are using this waterproof wonder throughout the most sophisticated homes.

Why we love this product

Think about it. When it comes to foot traffic, your floors are front and center. You want flooring that is durable, sustainable, and that will stand up to the elements. Luxury vinyl tile fits the bill—and then some. This beautiful flooring option is creating a buzz in today’s design world, and proving to be a favorite among savvy homeowners who are looking for a waterproof option in some of their most water-prone areas. Here are just a few of the reasons as to why we love luxury vinyl:

  • Waterproof capabilities
  • Looks just like hardwood for those with discriminating design tastes
  • Available in a plethora of design options and shades to coincide with your sophisticated taste
  • Durable enough to stand up to the busiest and most water-prone areas of your home

Rooms where luxury vinyl flooring works best

Homeowners know a thing or two about how water can be an unwelcome visitor that will cause damage when least expected. Luxury vinyl tile can eliminate that worry. Whether you’re looking to replace the flooring in your basement, kitchen, kid’s room or even a beach or lake house, luxury vinyl tile can give you the elegant look you want—and without the worry. Here are some beautiful examples of how luxury vinyl can add sophistication to your home while giving you peace of mind as far as its waterproof capabilities are concerned.


Basements are considered hidden gems for most homeowners. They are not only an extension of your living space, but a place that can be open to virtually endless possibilities and uses. Luxury vinyl tile is the perfect design partner for your basement floor. It’s waterproof, durable, and it can turn an ordinary basement into an elegant hidden sanctuary.

Product Shown: Supernova


Kid’s Room

Spills and playtime have met their match. We know kids can play hard. Luxury vinyl tile is designed to play even harder. This durable waterproof flooring can keep up with your active little ones—taking playtime to the next level.

Product Shown: Gold Coast

Beach or lake house

If ever there was a perfect flooring option for a beach or lake house, luxury vinyl tile is it. Living by the water brings wetter foot traffic. Whether you’re enjoying fun-in-the-sun water activities or picturesque strolls in the winter snow, having waterproof flooring is a smart choice when you’re looking for that coastal look, but without the worry of slick floors.

Product shown: Nightingale 

How designers are using luxury vinyl tile

Like you, today’s designers have discriminating tastes. They are the ones we turn to when it comes to seeing today’s most sought-after trends. Country Carpet would like to share with you some beautiful examples of how and where designers are using luxury vinyl tile. Here’s a sneak peek:



Basement apartment with private bath

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