How to Choose the Best Area Rug for Your Space

Rolls of Blue Stanton Rugs

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When it comes to jazzing up a room, area rugs make the ultimate design statement. They are an easy way to bring character, style, and a “luxe” feel to you space without going all out on a total room renovation. But how do you go about choosing the best area rug for your space?

This month, we lay it out for you with a simple guide to transforming your space with the right area rug. It’s easier than you may think—and fun, too! Here’s how to get started:

Select the space

When selecting an area rug, it’s best to focus on one room at a time. Even if your first instinct is to buy rugs for all your rooms at once, try to resist. Here’s why: An area rug that may work beautifully in your bedroom may not serve you well in your den. Determining the functionality of your area rug will help streamline the process to choosing the perfect one for your space. And remember to take your time. With many designs and styles to choose from, you’ll be happy you did your homework first.

Determine the style

Living Room with Blue Accents
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One of the beautiful benefits about area rugs is how they can transform a room almost immediately. You can turn your traditional space into a modern one, or add a cozy feel seamlessly. And the best part? Your area rug doesn’t have to match everything in the room. Just be sure it coordinates with the textures and tones of your décor. Here are some questions to ask when determining the style:

  • Are you happy with the existing vibe in the room, or are you looking to switch things up?
  • Is your room already decorated? If so, then use the colors and textures in this particular room to guide you to choosing your new look.
  • Are you starting with an empty space? This could be even more fun, as you can use your new area rug as inspiration to build your look. Whether you go all out with color and design or keep it simple, let your inner designer help create the space.

Choose the color and pattern

Living Room with Blue Accents
Photo Credit: Stanton

This is the part where the fun really begins! Think of your new area rug as artwork—but for your floor! It’s your choice as to whether you want your new area rug to stand out or blend in. First, we will begin with choosing color. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • If your space is already decorated with color, then selecting a single color or neutral-toned rug is the way to go.
  • If you’re starting with an empty room, you’ll want to consider the colors of the walls, floor and ceiling when selecting the perfect area rug for your space.

Patterns come into play when choosing an area rug. Not a fan of patterns? You may want to give them a second look. Today’s patterns are designed for all styles and tastes. And although some may be bold, others can be softer and less obvious while bringing just the right touch of flair and sophistication. After all, it’s all about balance. Here are some basic guidelines when it comes to patterns:

  • Patterned area rugs work splendidly in rooms with solid-colored furniture. They can bring just the right amount of pizazz to a seemingly bland décor.
  • Solid area rugs are the way to go if you have patterned furniture. Not only does it bring a calming effect to the space, but it also pulls the room together.
  • When starting from scratch with an empty room, think about the vibe you want for the space. Are you going for an eye-catching “wow” factor or something more understated?

Select the size and shape

Living Room with Gray Area Rug
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Did you know most people choose an area rug that is too small for their space? We have you covered so you don’t make the same mistake. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right size area rug for your space:

  • Rule of thumb—For average-sized rooms, leave about 10-20 inches of bare floor between the edge of the rug and the wall.
  • Living room—Ideally, you will want all of your furniture to be placed on top of the area rug. Otherwise, be sure the front legs are sitting on the rug.
  • Dining room—Here, you will want a rug that accommodates the table and all of the chairs, and with room to spare. Your chairs should remain on the rug, even when they are pushed away from the table.
  • Bedroom—Area rugs in the bedroom should surround and frame the bed with the legs of the bedside tables resting on the edge. Here’s an easy guide:
    • Queen-size bed: 8′ x 10′ area rug
    • King-size bed: 9′ x 12′ area rug
Blue Kalaty Area Rug
Photo Credit: Kalaty

Now that you know about selecting the right size area rug, here are some guidelines on choosing the perfect shape. And, yes, you can go with a round rug (in case you were wondering). Here’s what you need to know:

  • Let your furniture be your guide. For example, if your furniture is arranged in a rectangular setting, then a rectangular rug will look best, whereas a circular dining table will look fabulous with a round area rug.
  • Look at the shape of your room before selecting an area rug. Open concept rooms have more flexibility to size and shape in comparison to rooms that are long and narrow.

Consider high-traffic areas and maintenance

As families are spending more time at home these days, it seems as if many of our rooms are becoming high-traffic areas. Add a pet to the mix and your floors may be taking more of a beating. Placing the right type of area rug to your high-traffic areas is a great way to keep your floors in top shape while creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for your family. Here are some tips to choosing the right area rug for high-traffic areas:

  • Tight, flat-weave rugs with a pattern are a great choice for entryways, staircases, and hallways. Not only do they stand up to daily wear, but the patterned design also helps conceal stains. (And who doesn’t love that?)
  • Always use a rug pad. A rug pad not only helps prevent slipping, but it also adds cushion and protects the rug from wearing out from the bottom, thus extending the life of the rug. (Tip: Buy a rug pad that is a 1/4″ thick and is two inches smaller all around so it won’t show.)
  • Rotate and vacuum rugs regularly.

As an added pro tip, luxury vinyl is the perfect solution for high-traffic areas where you need waterproof capabilities and outstanding durability. And, it looks great under any area rug!

We hope our guide to choosing to the best area rug has inspired you to discover the perfect one for your home. We invite you to visit us—either virtually or in-person—at our showroom to explore the many design options that are available. You can schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you. And, walk-ins are always welcome. We look forward to hearing from you!

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