Why January is the Best Month to Redecorate: Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home

Missoni Rossi Rug

Photo credit: Missoni Rossi

Happy New Year!

The excitement surrounding 2021 is all about having a new perspective and feeling refreshed. As we kick off new year, January is setting the pace for not only an improved sense of well-being but also as the best month to redecorate your home.  Did you know that pampering your home with a fresh design style is a great way to reboot both your mindset and lifestyle?

This month, Country Carpet invites you to explore the benefits of redecorating your home early in the year while also guiding you on the trendiest ways to transform your home.

Benefits of redecorating in January

This may be the one time of the year where being “fashionably late” is not a good thing. The benefits of redecorating your home in January can pay off throughout the year. So why wait? Here are some of the benefits to starting now:

  •  It symbolizes a fresh start to the new year.
  •  There is an opportunity to change your scenery (especially since we are spending more time at home nowadays).
  • You can make a new statement.
  • This is a task that will get your creative juices flowing.

Simple and stress-free ways to redecorate your home

Switching up the look in your home may be easier than you think. Just ask the design experts here at Country Carpet. With just a few tweaks, your home can reveal the vibe you’ve been searching for, and without the stress of a complete overhaul. Check out these simple ways you can achieve a cool new look in your home:

  • Rearrange the furniture for a fun and functional new vibe.
  • Shift your color scheme by adding bold colors. Try reupholstering furniture, throw pillows, or even swapping out your window treatments.
  • Get a new area rug.
  • Add an accent wall (wallpaper is making a big comeback!).
  • Commit to completing a project on your to-do list.
Divine Rug in Living Room
Photo credit: Divine
Fabricut Curtain
Photo credit: Fabricut
Photo credit: Stanton

Is your home ready for a refresh? The design team at Country Carpet is ready to help you unleash your design creativity. We invite you to visit us virtually or in our showroom. You can always schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you. Or, walk-ins are always welcome. We look forward to hearing from you!

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