Designer Spotlight: The Timeless and Elegant Style of Vanessa Rome Interiors

Living Room by Vanessa Rome Interiors

This month, we are featuring the award-winning interior design of Vanessa Rome Interiors. We sat down with founder and designer Vanessa Rome to hear her insights on designing elegant spaces that stand the test of time. Get ready to be inspired!

One-on-One with Vanessa Rome Interiors

Q: What do you love most about being an interior designer and owning your own firm?

A: I love the whole process. From beginning a new project, to connecting with my clients, to seeing their joy when they walk into their home for the first time. Owning my own firm allows me to be selective about the projects I work on. I am able to provide my clients with the attention they need while building a schedule that supports a good balance between work life and personal life.

Living Room by Vanessa Rome Interiors
Photo Credit: Vanessa Rome Interiors

Q: What would you say is your signature style that really makes your projects stand out?

A: What I hear most when prospective clients contact me is that they are drawn to the warm modern aesthetic of my projects. It’s important to me to avoid trends that would date a home quickly. My focus is to create timeless and elegant spaces that get better with age. 

 Q: How would you describe your interior design “must-haves”? Are there certain products and décor elements you like to use in every project?

Neutral Bedroom by Vanessa Rome Interiors
Photo Credit: Vanessa Rome Interiors

A: Gorgeous lighting and layering rich, textured fabrics.

Interior Design by Vanessa Rome Interiors

Q: Bold prints have been a big trend we’re seeing. Are you a fan of adding prints to your home designs, and in what way?

A: I use bold prints sparingly, as they tend to distract the eye. While I prefer a more tonal and textured room, I typically use a bold print when creating a moment within a space. Whether it be in a rug, wallpaper, fabric, or piece of art, that bold print becomes a focal point. Everything else around it remains quiet, and helps to balance the room.

 Q: This past year, homes never mattered more. Do you have a favorite project you’ve done in the past year? 

A: I am currently working on a residence in Palm Beach for a client that I really enjoyed working with seven years ago when designing their ground-up home in Southampton. It’s a pleasure to collaborate with clients who trust me completely and give me the creative freedom to design the home of their dreams.

Q: Overall, do you have a favorite room in the house that you love to design the most?

A: Dining rooms. They tend to have fewer pieces of furniture, so the items selected have to be really special and make an impact. My favorite dining room to date is one I did for a Watermill home with painted floors. Mary McDonald was one of the first designers I was drawn to, and I always wanted to do a painted floor and am still obsessed with that room!

Dining Room by Vanessa Rome Interiors
Photo Credit: Vanessa Rome Interiors

Q: Where do you look for inspiration when beginning your projects? 

A: I keep detailed files of resources for furniture, lighting, and wallpaper, as well as room inspiration photos, so I usually start by looking through those. Instagram and Pinterest are also great for finding resources—but I try to stay away from Instagram when I start a new project because I want to be sure each space is original. I try to keep my mind clear. 

Dining Room by Vanessa Rome Interiors
Photo Credit: Vanessa Rome Interiors

Q: How do you keep your designs so timeless while still adding the newest trends?

A: I stick to what speaks to me and go with my gut. I know when I like something and when I just don’t. 

Q: If you could choose one trend for 2021 as your favorite, what would it be and why?

A: I am seeing a lot of organic and amorphic shapes in both furniture design and patterns on wallpaper and carpets, which I have always been drawn to and have always tried to incorporate into my spaces.

Living Room by Vanessa Rome Interiors
Photo Credit: Vanessa Rome Interiors

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Vanessa Rome Interiors. Whether it sparked your inspiration to add the look of relaxed luxury to your home or gave you some elegant design ideas to add to your décor, we at Country Carpet are here to meet your flooring and décor needs.

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