Designer Spotlight: Blake and Emily Interiors’ Bright and Functional Style

White bedroom

Photo Credit: Blake and Emily Interiors

Welcome to a special edition of the Country Carpet blog. This month, we invite you to our designer showcase, featuring the amazing interior design talents of Blake and Emily Interiors. We sat down with Blake and Emily to get the inside scoop of how industry professionals use their skills to match today’s hottest trends with the interior design wants of their clients. Get ready to be inspired.

Q: Every room in the house must be fun to design, but do you have a favorite?

A: We love designing children’s rooms! They have so much potential for creativity and really give us a chance to mix things up. We find that clients are more willing to take risks in their kids’ rooms by being open-minded to using more colors and patterns. We take extra care to ensure we are designing a children’s room that will grow with the child into their teenage years. Dare we say more?

Girls Room Design

Photo Credit: Blake and Emily Interiors

Q: What would you say is the most highly requested room to design from your customers?

A: Clients typically think of their family room as the space to design first. They love to have cozy rooms where the entire family can gather. Finding a super comfy sofa is the first thing we usually do. Then, we build in as much functional seating as possible so that families can all enjoy and share one cozy place.

White Sectional Couch

Photo Credit: Blake and Emily Interiors

Q: Are there any particular brands that you love and try to use in every project?

A: Of course we always use Country Carpet for our flooring! Other than that, we try to mix it up whenever possible. We definitely have brands that we trust and rely on for their customer service and knowing they will stand by their products.

Curved staircase with black and white rug

Photo Credit: Blake and Emily Interiors

Q: How would you describe your home design style?

A: Our goal is to match each client’s style. We don’t want any project to feel like a “Blake and Emily” project. It should always feel unique for the client who will live in it. In our own homes, we tend to lean slightly toward more traditional. But we love so many styles and genuinely love the challenge of creating new looks rather than repeating what we’ve done before. 

Neutral Living Room

Photo Credit: Blake and Emily Interiors

Q: How do you combine beauty and function?

A: The majority of our clients have young children and they love to entertain. Both of these factors can make decorating a beautiful home a challenge. Fortunately, so many brands have created amazing options – from performance fabrics to vinyl wallpapers. We pay special attention to using practical materials in high-traffic areas. When we love something that isn’t as family-friendly, we save it for a room where children do not visit quite as often, such as the master bedroom or dining room.

Q: What inspires you?

A: Our moms! We were both raised by women who love designing. They are creative and extremely passionate about everything – from their home styles right down to their shoes.  

Q: Looking ahead, what do you see for trends in 2021?

A: People are spending more time at home these days, which is inspiring them to either finish or refinish their homes. We expect this focus on designing to stay strong. As far as trends are concerned, we envision people who are looking to design cozy rooms. Lately, we are seeing a greater demand for darker, mood-invoking spaces.

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Blake and Emily Interiors! Whether it sparked your inspiration to put some new touches in your home or gave you something to think about in the new year, we at Country Carpet are here to meet your flooring and décor needs.

We invite you to visit us – either virtually or in-person – at our showroom to explore the many design options that are available. You can schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you. And, walk-ins are always welcome. We look forward to hearing from you!

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