Choosing Window Treatments: A Guide from Our Specialist

Woven Wood Shades

Window treatments are the ultimate accessory when it comes to adding warmth and ambiance to a room. Pairing the perfect style with the right space is all about function, fashion, and a touch of personal flair. So, how do you decide which window treatment is best for your space? We have you covered. And the process is easier than you may think.

This month, we turn to Sarit Cohen, Country Carpet design specialist, for her insights, tips, and recommendations for choosing the perfect shades and curtains to dress up your home. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

Tip #1: Determine the need of your window treatment

The need for window treatments is not always about privacy. In fact, today’s shades and curtains serve several functions to meet the unique needs of different rooms in your home. Here are some questions to ask yourself when determining the best choice for your space:

  • What type of room is it for?
  • What is the size of the window?
  • Do you need privacy in this room?
  • Do you want light to filter in or have a blackout option?
  • What aesthetic are you looking for?

Tip #2: Know your options

Options are a good thing. And in today’s window treatment market, the options are more diverse and beautiful than ever before.

Once you have determined the need for your window treatment, you can move on to choosing the best option for your home. Here is a snapshot of some of the most popular window treatments of today, the best rooms to use them in, and how they will make the greatest impact:

Roman Shades

Beautiful and functional, Roman shades remain a popular choice for bedrooms or any room where privacy is a must. Additionally, their finished appearance and blackout features are true standouts if you are seeking a classic look that offers both fashion and function.

Solar Shades

A room with a view speaks well to the use of solar shades. Unique in design, this mesh fabric shade filters light and protects furniture from the possibility of fading while still providing a view. Solar shades are the perfect match for modern-day living spaces with large windows and openings or any room where the view is as important as the shade

Woven Woods

Casual elegance meets the natural look in these versatile shades. Their texturized look pairs beautifully with dens, offices, or any room where you’re seeking a casual look. As an added feature, woven woods can be lined when privacy is a priority.

Curtain Panels

When it comes to the softer side of window treatments, curtain panels are the crown jewel of the mix. From prints to neutral hues, curtains make the ultimate home décor statement.

Pro tip: Sarit recommends pairing curtains with shades for a layered look. They can be installed stationary for a more decorative statement or on rings that are attached to a decorative pole for a casual look. Whatever you choose, curtains are a fashionable way to dress up your room while showing off your personal style.

Something to think about when choosing a shade

Did you know there are different operating systems available when it comes to raising and lowering your shades? Here are three available options to consider:

  • Motorized—Shades can be raised and lowered with the touch of a button. This feature is key for shades that are installed on larger openings where a handle or cord may be out of reach. There’s even a way to synch your remote to your smart device. Yes, there’s an app for that! (See manufacturer information for details.)
  • LightRise®—No cords here. A small plastic handle allows you to raise and lower the shade with ease.
  • Custom clutch—Traditional and simple, custom clutch provides a chain or cord on a continuous loop for easy operation.

Tip #3: Consult with a design specialist

Even the savviest homeowners may need some advice when it comes to home décor or choosing the right window treatments. Professional design specialists like Sarit can be an invaluable part of the design experience.

Do your windows need dressing? We would love to hear from you. We invite you to visit us, either virtually or in-person at our showroom to explore the many window treatment options available. You can always schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you. And, walk-ins are always welcome. We look forward to hearing from you!

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